1. Order takeout and have a game night
2. Go stargazing with a blanket, champagne and strawberries
3. Go to a band concert to dance and kiss
4. Go boating or kayaking
5. Have a picnic in the wild, or home in bed
6. Take a trip to a home supply store, and pick out a project to do together
7. Go ice-skating or bowling together
8. Go buy sexy lingerie together
9. Dress up nicely and go out for dinner
10. Sit down and tell each other what you love about them
11. Get some helium balloons and have fun
12. Rent a hotel room to spend the night
13. Go to a thrift-shop and pick out an outfit for each other
14. Watch a scary movie late at night with popcorn
15. Go out for drinks and get drunk together
16. Visit a museum or art gallery together
17. Enjoy a candlelight dinner for two at home
18. Give your love a massage
19. Have a fondue night
20. Have appetizers at one restaurant, dinner at another, and dessert at a third

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